Take a look at the FIVE living Presidents and their contributions to the development of the NEW WORLD ORDER and the rise of Anti-Christ. The GRAND SCHEME!



1.. How it All Started - The American Delusion (A Dark Knight Deception), Blocked Youtube Video Reloaded


2.. The 3rd Seal Revealed JFK 50th Anniversary Assassination Code 317 = Scapegoat & Light Bearer


Deadly Clicks: The Links You Should Never Touch

Here’s a scary scenario. You’re innocently surfing the Web, maybe on an unfamiliar site, not paying close attention. Suddenly your computer screen fills with illegal pornographic images of minors. You try to navigate away, but a warning screen branded by the National Security Administration’s Internet Surveillance Program pops up with the message: “Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.”

You are then offered a sort of Hobson’s choice: Pay a fine immediately, or face prosecution for downloading child pornography.

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